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We return lost items, EZ.

EZFind connects people who have lost valuables with the people who find them, Anonymously. We work globally, 24/7.

How It Works.

1. Register with EZFind. It’s easy.
2. Apply EZFind tags to all your valuables.
3. You lose an item. The finder contacts EZFind.
4. EZFind works with the finder. You get your item back.
5. Reward! The finder gets a free EZFind kit.
6. Everybody wins.

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"Thanks EZFind. I figured I'd never see my camera again. You rock !"
Jill S., Anaheim, CA
"When I got that email saying my iPhone had been found, I could have kissed somebody. I love EZFind."
Marilyn R., Des Moines, IA
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One tag, lots of technology !

Every EZFind tag (patent pending) includes three ways for the finder to get your items back to you:

• QR Code identifies your lost item
• Embedded RFID chip
• Toll free number

Each method connects the finder with the EZFind Return Center. 

The Return Center connects you with your lost item.  Quickly. Anonymously.

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